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I’ve seen gofundme account raise thousands of dollars for a cats surgery. Now I love cats as much as the next person, but I’m a human, just like you. I’ve spent three years trying to get back into college. I’ve worked my butt off and now there is only a small amount left. “My people parish of lack of knowledge.” And I believe that whole heartedly. More then anything in the world, I want to go to college. If everyone on tumblr donates ONE DOLLAR I CAN FINALLY GO BACK TO COLLEGE. One dollar that’s all I’m asking it’s as easy as clicking the link and pushing donate. if you can’t find it in your heart to do that, please at least Reblog this. Thank you.

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Survey: Black youth twice as likely to prioritise fight against HIV/AIDS over same-sex marriage

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i’m serving puffy eye realness today but that is ok. tomorrow will be a better day because i am calling it into existence.


the glorious Cinnamon Maxxine, naked on IndiePornRevolution.Com Photos by T. Crane


Couldn’t decide which one I liked better so you can have all three.


Hello there!
So my name is Simone and I just graduated from Campbell High School’s International Baccalaureate Program (woot woot)! Now, after four years of rigorous coursework and being involved in several clubs and activities (including two years of French Club, two years of marching band, and four years of Varsity Basketball), I have both my high school and diploma with honor and my International Baccalaureate Diploma! After applying to multiple universities, I was admitted into my number one choice, Furman University. The issue that I’ve come across is that tuition at Furman University is $56,085 and my expected family contribution is $0. Luckily, I have received a great amount of financial aid, but I still do not have enough money to pay the amount owed to the school, $6000 a semester.
Though this amount is much less than the cost of tuition, my personal situation makes my goal seem impossible to achieve. I live with my mother Vicky and my sister Sydney as my father has been a fleeting presence in my life since I was born. In addition to having to maintain a single parent household to the best of her ability, my mother has been faced with extreme adversity when searching for a job, even though she is a licensed practitioner of Criminal/Civil law. A few years ago my mother had surgery on her cervix, and recently was informed that she has cervical cancer. Though my mother rarely talks about her medical needs, this is not the only medical problem that she has encountered. She often focuses on the needs of me and my sister, while her medical issues are put on hold often due to financial and circumstantial obstacles.
I have recently taken on the responsibility of handling my own phone bill and many of my sisters needs to take some of the financial burden off of my mother, but this has prevented me from saving money for my college education. I have considered taking out loans to cover this remaining cost, but that option was short lived after being informed that my mother’s credit is so bad that she cannot cosign on my college loan. In addition to all of these things, my mother is trying to keep a roof over our heads, which is quickly caving in (literally). Our plumbing is shot, the siding of our house is falling off, there is a hole in the side of our house that allows birds to come to and fro in the house, and the downstairs ceiling is falling. The problems with the plumbing and ceiling have caused mildew to form in our kitchen, which creates a new area of medical concern due to the constant exposure. Because of this accumulation of bad occurrences, our house is pretty much worthless on the market, and we live according to what we can afford.
I continue to be optimistic, look for scholarships, and pray that my situation improves, but at this point I am concerned about the security of my future education, my family’s health, and our well-being. Taking one more burden off of my mother’s shoulders would reassure me and my sister that her efforts were not in vain.
Any donation is SO greatly appreciated. If you are unable to donate, please consider reblogging/signal boosting this post. I hope you all stay blessed!

Here’s the link to donate👇 http://www.gofundme.com/cqalik

Keziah Ravenshade, Witch of the Outlands, has sworn never to love again, but her predictable life is upended when she takes a dying stranger into her home.

Esdelot, the Golden Prince, can outfight or befriend anyone- except for the usurpers who tried to kill her with a poisoned blade. Finding the young royal delirious and on the verge of death, Keziah saves her life. But while Esdelot regains her health, betrayal comes from an unlikely source: her brother has taken the throne in her absence and declared himself king.  As the two women travel to the capital city to stop a false ruler’s coronation, they form a friendship that seems poised to turn into something more. But Esdelot has promised herself in marriage to a woman she barely knows… and Keziah knows she’s fallen too deeply for a woman whose betrothed waits for her along with her throne. When an enemy from Keziah’s past resurfaces, a mere conflict of politics becomes something that threatens to upend the gods themselves. Will love win out?

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What people are saying about Kayla Bashe’s writing:

“Bluebell Hall is an awesome book. Seriously, it has EVERYTHING I LIKE. Magic. Boarding school story. Representation of marginalized groups. I love the writing style, and it has just the right amount of drama and calm moments.”

“At the very opening of [Bluebell Hall,] you are immediately introduced to a myriad of characters that you feel like you know almost instantly, along with a setting that comes alive before the first chapter is over.”

“Bashe continues to show off her taste for the macabre mixed with wit and dashing heroics, a combination that made Graveyard Sparrow a delightful read.”

Trigger warnings: mentions of emotional abuse, blood, fire. This book also contains a rad bisexual protagonist, trans and nonbinary characters, an ENTIRE CAST of QPOC, and a road trip.